Cultured Green

"Restaurant chefs who wish to cook up a storm may find themselves too overloaded with all the nitty-gritty chores in the kitchen to be able to display their culinary skills, much less think if the cuisine they have prepared is nutritionally balanced. And the rest of us may be too tired after a hard day’s work to cook properly so we often end up ingesting bland stuff with all the precious nutrients stripped away from even the freshest produce."

Sounds all too familiar?

Cultured Greens takes the danger out of the picture by locking in the wholesome freshness through an uninterrupted one-way flow. Starting from the point where the raw fruits and vegetables arrive, your concerns for hygiene, nutrition, quality and wellness have been satiated. The raw fresh produce is immediately sent for weight and quality check and a round of semi-automated sorting, peeling and trimming.

A chilling out session follows next with the greens sent to different production lines in the processing room which is always maintained at a cool temperature. After a round of washing up, the fruits and vegetables undergo slicing, dicing, shredding and cutting by manual labour or automated machinery according to customer requirements.

Entry into the clean room marks the next stage where the greens are sent for final processing and packaging. Here, there is zero tolerance for the slightest speck of dirt. Staff has to be properly attired in a hygiene suit and take an air shower to blow away any remaining dirt particles before proceeding to sanitise the fruits and vegetables with food-graded sanitisers. Excess moisture contents are extracted through a spin dry or air dry process. To seal in all the ensuing freshness and cleanliness, the greens are packed in full-vacuum or semi-vacuum conditions and finally stored away in the cold room at 1°C - 4°C, waiting to refresh the palate and tastebuds of the next Cultured Greens consumer.

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It is a meticulous process flow directed by state-of-the-art machinery imported from Europe and Japan and driven by exacting standards of excellence but well worth our efforts if the convenience and cost savings brought to those who desire easy and healthy cooking are anything to go by.

Business partners may point to both our impending HACCP accreditation and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Standards certification as their quality assurance, but the real satisfaction we derive from the entire quality flow process is the gift of wellness which we can deliver to our end users as they get to savour the wholesome freshness and nutrition of the greens well preserved in every bite.

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