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Lettuce Cut

Lettuce Cut

What’s a salad like without lettuce? Throw in some of these succulent fresh greens, readily available in bite-size pieces, to create a healthy balance with the other stronger-tasting ingredients and you can enjoy the perfect salad.
divider Frizzes Cut

Frizzes Cut

Variety is the spice of life or so the adage goes, which is why we have added a touch of red in this mix to spruce up your appetite and infuse a delicate flavour to the usual lettuce salad. Toss with your favourite dressing to taste the difference!
divider Salad Mix

Salad Mix

Desiring a change in dressing other than the usual mayonnaise and thousand-island? This delectable salad mix gives you the best and freshest ingredients to do so. Red leaf lettuce naturally goes well with olive well. Top up the indulgence by drizzling with some apple cider vinegar and you’ll have a healthy tea-time delight.
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