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Carrot Stick

Carrot Stick

These mouth-watering sticks make for a healthy and convenient snack to munch on the go. Every bite is full of crunchy freshness. Just dip them into tartar sauce, cream cheese or tuna spread and you can add a dash of zesty fun to any picnic.
divider Carrot Shred

Carrot Shred

Think your salad lacks some colour or looks too dull? Nothing does the trick better than tossing in some fresh carrot shreds that instantly uplift spirits with their bright hues and refreshing flavour!
divider Mixed Salad

Mixed Salad

With the pick of the crops perfectly tossed in just the right proportions to delight tastebuds instantaneously, there’s something to please everyone in this healthy assortment. And its kaleidoscope of colours definitely makes for good eye-candy!
  Cucumber, White Onion & Red Capsicum Diced

Cucumber, White Onion & Red Capsicum Diced

Find your palate jaded by the same old greens all the time? Stir up your sense of adventure with this myriad of wholesome colours! With the cooling effects of the cucumber, the antioxidant prowess of the onion and a burst of vitamins A and C coming from the red capsicum, this is the healthiest mix to go with satay and kebabs.
divider Coleslaw


All couch potatoes listen up! Instead of pigging out in front of the TV with those fattening chips, why not make a grab for the healthier coleslaw instead? Just toss with a little mayonnaise or thousand-island dressing and you’ll have a scrumptious snack as your best entertainment buddy.
divider Shallot Peeled

Shallot Peeled

Sweeter than onions, milder than garlic, but just as full of vitamins and minerals, shallots make for a refreshing bite when mixed with salad or coated in a dip. Rich in vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre and folic acid, shallots are also able to boost bone tissue growth when consumed daily.
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